Monday, October 26, 2015

Living My Dream/Living My Life

400,000 miles (plus or minus)  - and miles to go before I sleep.
Miles to go before I sleep.

On Going To The Sun Road, near Logan Pass in Glacier National Park

Hi.  Welcome to my blog. I hope you will enjoy my musings, maybe even be inspired to throw caution to the wind as I did. I've never looked back, nor have I ever regretted my impromptu decision.

"In another life" I had seen more countries than states, thanks to the US Army, and returned home wanting to see all the states.  Thus my inspiration to travel within the states, eventually leading to my career as a seasonal worker.
My new life-choice, along with my love of nature and travel, have taken me to the four corners of our beautiful United States of America. From the mountains, to the prairies, to the oceans white with foam I've been to or through each of the lower forty-eight states twice, and to Alaska and Hawaii once. Both are on my bucket list to see again, but unless there's an underwater tunnel built, I'm not so sure I'll see Diamond Head again. 
So many people I've met over the years have been amazed at my lifestyle, enthralled by the idea that a woman could do what I do. This was especially so in the early years of my roamin' lifestyle, as it was not as common for a female (as it was for a male) to be working seasonal. Both men and women (but especially women) want to know what prompted me to begin working seasonal, and traveling around the country. It has been exciting to share my journeys, and to encourage women to do what I love.   
It continues to be an exciting adventure, one allowing me to do many things I would never have had the opportune ity to do. A bonus to my lifestyle is that along the way I meet so many interesting people from around the world, many with fascinating  stories to share.  One special person I met was a Native American woman in her late 80s whose mother walked the Trail of Tears with her mother. She had never been to her homeland, so I went there, located the area in Georgia, took pictures and sent them to her. While working at Mammoth Hot Springs, I ziplined over the canyons in Wyoming for my 69th birthday!  I've been blessed to have viewed so much of Mother Nature's  glorious work; I've traveled back roads and interstates, met beggars (and probably some thieves), movie stars and religious fanatics, and a little girl from Maryland whose only wish was to see a Pika while in Yellowstone. What a joy when she and her father and little brother returned the next day to tell me that she (they) had seen a Pika, just where I had sent them. What a joy for me!

My journey continues each Spring, in recent years accompanied by my camera. When not out adventuring my life is filled with reading, arts/crafts, live theatre, fairs and festivals, music, yard sales, bargain hunting, spending time with friends, some volunteering, etc. That said, you'll be seeing a variety of topics in my blogs, but for now I'll begin sharing with you what I love thru some of my photography. Enjoy, but PLEASE DO NOT DOWNLOAD my photos as it is illegal to do so without my written permission. 
Photos posted were taken at Garden of the Gods in Colorado. The map of the US on my car has the lower 48 states marked with the number two, indicating they have been seen twice. What a conversation starter!